Friday, June 24, 2011

Gunpla: Collection Update

As you can see, MG Unicorn has joined my army.

Yeah the UC gundams are seeming to fit in.

Notice the Lightning Base red base. I really love the guy, I might just have to make a review.

That little Sword Impulse is actually a crappy fake imitation called "Gundam Seed the Hyper". 

They're all right beside my bed. I feel safer. Who needs a night light? Oh yeah I forgot I have my lightning base still xD!!!

You can't half ass any gundam kit. Especially an MG, you have to get an action base... Unless it comes with one already, not to mention one sexy looking stand **Hi-V**.

It's Gundam Wing meets Mobile Suit Gundam.

Literally an overview.

Close up of my brand new MG Unicorn ova. Not ver. ka by the way. I just bought the water slides for it.

What happened Wing Zero. You used to look so nice, now you're all dusty and meh...



You used to be my best kit evar!!! x.x

Why must you become dusty!!! I need that IKEA detolf!!!

That's it for the day. BTW MG Epyon has been released, I certainly didn't order it yet (because I suck), but there are a few reviews out on it already. I remember one showed some excellent whip articulation and twin dragon poses. Gosh I want it...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amuro's Final Suit: MG RX 93-V2 Hi-V Gundam

Finally, after a week of waiting for my supply package, the beast is complete! This mech probably took me over 16 hrs to fully complete in total. That's panel lining, cutting off from sprues, putting together, applying water slides, then top coating in layers. I have to say, for my 3rd ever Gundam/model kit (the other two being MG D-Hell and MG WZC pearl gloss), it looks really nice! I feel so pro now... I can tackle any kit! Anyways, I topcoated this piece of awesomeness with Mr. Topcoat Flat. I pretty much used up the whole entire can for the kit.

Oh my gosh!!! Now I really have to do the gloss finish on my MG Unicorn ova... Damn. I really don't feel like ordering another flat spray, so...

Anyways, I bought this guy for five reasons: He's Amuro's final suit, he's Amuro Freakin' Ray's suit, he's sexy, he's a UC kit (don't have any other than my incomplete MG Unicorn ova.), and he's one of the B.F.Gs (Big Flippin' Gundams).

Speaking of which, what the hell is Hi-V anyways? Apparently he's like the Wing Zero Custom of the movie version. I believe it was the novel Beltorchika's Children that he was in. He's also supposed to be the completed version of the V Gundam (V as in the Greek for Nu) had Amuro been given more time to prepare.
Sadly, this does not change his fate as he still perishes by the hands of the debris from Char's asteroid. I miss Amuro...

Well, pictures speak louder than words so here is the bad boy himself: "MG RX 93-V2 Hi-V Gundam: Amuro Ray's Final/Strongest Mobile Suit"

A look at the backpack unit that houses the fearsome fin funnels. The Hi-V was supposed to be able to recharge the fin funnels on its own. The propellant tanks are able to keep the Hi-V accelerating longer.
Side view to get the idea of its dimensions.

Angled front shot. Yeah I went for the lazy box art pose... Oh, and I finally figured out how to improve the detail quality of my camera. Idk if you guys notice...

Same angle, closer.
Actually, I think this my best shot. It gives a better idea of the massiveness of this beast.
Just liked the way his head was turned, "Hey! Watcha' lookin' at!".
Emo shot.
Bet you've never seen this shot before...
I was going for the "Godzilla" look. He's huge!!! (That's what she said about me... HAHAHA!!!)


Friday, June 17, 2011

New grabs for June

The wait for Epyon was boring me, and I didn't feel like buying 00 Raiser yet so I went ahead and bought myself MG Hi-Nu (w/ clear parts) as well as... MG Unicorn ova.!!! These kits were purchased from Gundam Store and More, GSAM for short, a very nice online store with cheap shipping if you're buying 1-3 kits, plus the fact that they're over at Michigan and I'm here in Illinois makes shipping very quick (as in 2 days after processing). I guess you could say I am set for the UC part of my collection, if you want to call it that... Why did I choose these two over 00 Raiser? Well, I just lacked a UC kit. All my kits from what you've seen are only Wing EW kits. A true Gunpla collection is NOTHING without an actual UC kit so I thought to myself, why not add in the big bad (not really bad) UC main Gundams? The MG Hi-Nu does look mighty sexy though with panel lining, water slides, and a flat topcoat... and the MG Unicorn Ova. is just... Gorgeous? Oh my... In other words, they're UC lead Gundams and they are HUGE (ofc she said that). Currently I just have the Unicorn and all it's accessories assembled and panel lined. I am just waiting for my supplies to get here (some being water slides, Mr. mark setter, and topcoats) to give it its finishing touches. I am trying as hard as I can to prevent myself from starting on the Hi-Nu before I could get Unicorn finished so I can deliver my full attention on Unicorn and finish it with great effort. Until my Unicorn is finished, cya' then!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More MG Epyon EW/Wing updates

Images from Shizuoka Hobby Show 2011

I was actually going to post this earlier but due to some errors on blogspot, I wasn't able to. Anyways, I made a video presenting the images of MG Epyon from the hobby show. If you haven't seen the pictures yet, it is looking sharp. The red is more red than the previous images from the hobby magazine and the decals are looking great. They also finally show us the effect part for the Epyon's beam saber. I would say that the most surprising thing in the show were the master grade models of Sandrock and Heavyarms EW. I can now safely say that we will have all the gundams from Gundam Wing in EW style. Another thing shown in the hobby show was the box for MG Epyon. The box dimensions are almost identical to Deathscythe Hell EW as well as is the art style. I've been wanting to get my hands on this red beast ever since the day I saw the concept design and now it's almost here. I sure hope my wallet's ready...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: MG Deathscythe Hell EW

If you've read my previous blog about this kit, I actually built this kit just a few weeks after the release. Why did I wait this long to review it? Well, I broke the ball joint for the right hand. I emailed Bandai and I should get my parts soon. For the moment though, I will go on with just the glued ball joint.

Wing Gundam, like so many other Americans, was the first Gundam that was introduced to me. It is only natural that I begin my collection with the Wing EW kits. My first one was MG Wing Zero pearl gloss. The one I am reviewing today of course will be the MG Deathscythe Hell EW Gundam.

(Trying out photoshop to give it some light effects)

The box art alone of this kit is enough to tell you that what's inside is definitely promising. The box is large compared to most MG kits due to the way they chose to place the parts together. In total there are about 16 runners I believe. It also comes packed with a dry transfer decal sheet as well as your regular stickers.

My attempt to take a nice picture.

This kit took me nearly 11 hrs to build. I just did the regular panel lining, going over nub marks with markers, applying decals, and top coating. It turned out rather nicely, especially being my 2nd Gundam kit ever. Definitely turned out a ton nicer than my MG Wing Zero Pearl gloss (I do have plans to get the regular Wing Zero). 

The kit comes with the parts to create the Gundam of course, as well as two figures of Duo Maxwell (the pilot, aka. "The God of Death") in the pilot uniform sitting and standing with civilian clothing.You will also get the "Beam Scissors", which is more like a "Beam Scythe". On top of that, you get an awesome effect part for the scythe blade, very detailed.

So far, I really think the purplish gray works out well for the kit. For some reason, I feel like the colors were made to go hand-in-hand. The decals just make the kit more detailed (something wing kits aren't known for). Out of the box, the wings will just look like a big slab of plastic. This means that there will be plastic ripple marks showing, but nothing top coat can't fix. 

(My other attempt at a professional picture)

This kit is well articulated. You will get the usual 135 degrees of bending with the elbow joints, some wrist articulation, head can rotate a full 360, chest can move front and back, cockpit opens down, waist can't rotate too well (maybe the topcoat), double-jointed knees, front foot part moves up and down, spikes on shoulders can slide out, wings made up of segments with two points of articulation on each side. 

I really do love the backpack unit. Beside's the easily solvable plasticness of it (to be expected from a large chunk of plastic), the kit is nicely engineered. From the main segment, there are two slide mechanisms that allow the wings to extend out. Following that is another segment that extends the upper segment of the wings and allows them to bend forwards and back. Great for some eye-catching poses, but never stopped me from going with the regular box art pose. Ever since I saw the box art, I knew this was the pose for me.

Aerial view

Another one with the back background (actually the cover for my Alienware laptop if you didn't notice the sign on the first one)

What's not to like about this kit? Well.. surprisingly there are some stuff. First off, if you look closely at the face, there is a little mark under the first mouth vent. This makes it a bit troublesome to panel line the mouth vents because the paint will tend to run down that mark (at least with other people, didn't find it troublesome, but looks ugly).
 Secondly, the nub marks aren't well hidden. There's two clearly visible ones on the biceps which really bug the hell out of me when I look closely at it. 

Third would have to be that you have to use some paint on the red grills on the face so it wont look like a big red piece stuck to the black head. 

Fourth, I can't do the cloak mode. Why? Well after following their instructions over and over on how to do it, the red male and female parts that were supposed to attach the wings together just kept rubbing each other without the wings binding until eventually they just became too... well they're too loose now. 

Finally, with the way their engineering is becoming better and better, kits tend to become more detailed and articulated. This means more parts. More parts equals the inevitable falling of pieces, little pieces, such as the little gray squares on the front and back skirts. I've nearly lost them in two separate occasions.

Shot of the awesome bat wings.

Final Thoughts:

It's a must have kit, especially if you loved Wing Gundam and Endless Waltz. There are some problems, but in the end, it's a great looking kit. Definitely unique looking compared to other kits. I enjoyed the inner-frame and even hope to build another kit with the same frame (all Endless Waltz kits will be using the same xxxg frame). There were some plastic marks on the wings, but nothing Top coat couldn't fix. The decals made it look so much more detailed. The Gundam is menacing and clearly deserves a spot in every collection. If you're a fan of box arts, this one will surely amaze you. 

Two thumbs up!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Update: Replacement parts

So I've been emailing bandai action kit Japan requesting for replacement parts for the past month and a half. Today, on this very morning, I finally received a reply!!! Yes!!! I mean I knew they were doing this, but I really thought that they stopped since they didn't reply for quite some time, but finally! I actually broke one of the ball joints for MG Deathscythe Hell EW's hand unit (right hand). On top of that, my MG Wing Gundam Zero (Pearl) has had a broken v-fin for the longest amount of time. I felt like it deserved a nice complete one for a change without the use of my weak polyurethane solution. Anyways, here's what they send to you. It shows the policy for replacement parts:

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our products and the time to email us. We are very sorry for the late reply.
Please read our replacement policies below.

1. We accept free replacement for any defection or missing parts if it occurred in our production line or during the transportation. We need to see a picture of broken parts or a sprew that has missing parts in the unwrapped plastic bags when you ask for a replacement.

2. We also accept a replacement for broken parts or missing parts which occurred under customer's responsibility. This replacement will be done free of charge but it will be only one time deal.

I suppose your case is #2.
Your requested piece is XA-3, is this correct?

Thanks and best regards,

Very excited. I can finally pose D-Hell with his scythe on both hands. This also means I can finally make a review of it, despite it being late. The reply didn't say anything about Wing Zero's v-fin but that's because I only realized until later that you could request for up to four broken parts. I asked them for that piece though as well in my reply back. Hopefully they'll get me both parts.

FYI, if you have a broken Gundam part, email a request for the part to "".
You will need to present the following in your request:

1. name
2. address
3. phone number
4. parts needed
5. item number (found in the manual, the page with the parts request form, top digits I believe, but I would include both because I am not too sure)
6. Reason for part/s breaking e.g. "Did it come like that?" "Did you break it on accident?" etc...
7. Picture
8. Good manners. Be polite. Be respectful. Be patient. Be understanding. Also helps to include an english version and a Japanese version (nothing google translator can't fix)

The service is still running, but due to the high amounts of request, you won't receive a reply for quite some time. Good luck!

Until my MG Deathscythe Hell EW review, later!

Oh and, how about the MG 00 Raiser and MG Epyon? I really have to save up... damn you pre-college expenses!!!

                                                    HOLY GUNDASM!!! I WANT!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MG Epyon confirmed for June Release

It started off with these images...

And now it's finally confirmed and set for a predicted June release, it's MG Epyon. 

Wow, just wow! What can I say, ever since I saw the line art for this kit, I just could not wait! As you can see based on my starting collection, I am a big fan of Gundam Wing. In fact, I intend to collect the whole MG set for the Gundam series. The confirmed release of MG Epyon just made this so much better. I truly believe 2011 will be the year of Gundam Wing and I definitely think that we will have all EW versions of the Gundams in Wing. Anyways, just spreading the love. Save up your money because this one is sure to be a great release! Until my MG Deathscythe Hell review (when I receive replacement part for right hand unit XA-3). Thank you!